Love, Laughter & Rain in West Sacramento

I'd like to start out by saying, that even when it rains, you can capture the most beautiful and unique moments. The weather right now is so unpredictable. Even the weather app on the good ol' iPhone can't make up it's mind! With that said, Andrew and I had the absolute honor of photographing the Madden family at The Barn, in West Sacramento, on one of those crazy, unpredictable rainy days, and it was absolutely beautiful.

Proof rain is just as beautiful as sunshine.

Both Bart and Anna are such an incredibly down to earth, super cool couple, with the cutest daughter ever!! I couldn't stop smiling to myself every time she spotted a new puddle to splash in. It made me want to bust out my rain boots and join the puddle party! We definitely caught some gems! The unique thing about The Barn is the modern, natural architecture, and colors that really popped. Here's a peek at some of the moments we captured.

It was a beautiful day with this beautiful family! Happy Holidays everyone!

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