Tips to pulling off awesome holiday photos

Oh the holidays are upon us! It's getting chilly, pumpkin spice lattes are soo yesterday and we're drooling over the peppermint mochas instead. And then the thought springs to mind as you stroll down the "way too early" Christmas aisle in Target - "Christmas cards? I need to do a family holiday photo!" Dread, excitement and fear all rush to mind. But don't worry. I've been through this many times with my own tribe (three vivacious daughters and a creative caffeinated husband..Has anyone ever herded cats?) Here are some tips that will get you through a successful photo shoot with flying colors, yeah!

Book early

Personality is everything. Book your photo shoot with someone you feel comfortable with, and great with kids and pets (if it's a family session). When you're comfortable, you're happy and your true self reflects in your pictures.

Plan on what to wear

Are there colors you absolutely love, AND that your family won't stress over? Choose a common look or theme that reflects each person's personality. Want a whimsical modern outdoor vibe? Plan for a casual, yet outdoorsy bohemian look. Love the sparkle of the city? Go for a little cool sparkle in your clothing. It always helps to have comfortable shoes for photo sessions, especially if your outdoors. If you're a woman who loves heels (myself included) bring an extra pair of flats to change into for outdoor sessions, and to change into after the photo session. You won't regret it. The main take away is to match your location with your style of clothing, and have fun with your look!


Think of places that have meaning to you and your family, and make it the backdrop for your photo. Visit your location before hand to see if the weather is ideal and to spot out any ideal spots to recommend to your photographer.

Plan on the ideal lighting

Lighting is everything! To get the most picturesque lighting aim for an hour after sunrise or around sunset. This is my absolute favorite time to take photos of people. Why? The sunset casts the most beautiful, flattering light on anything. Use natures' light to make you photos glow.


Ahhh makeup, my favorite past time. For photo shoots, a little more makeup is best. Matte textures work best for photos since they do not reflect off of any light or camera flashes. But a little highlighter doesn't hurt at all. Go for it if you're a lash girl! Lashes look great in photos to enhance the eyes. The trick is to always apply a little more makeup than you usually would, since photos tend to tone down makeup.

Include your pets

Pet's are part of the family too! Nothing makes a photo more special than your fur baby included. Bring them along for the fun.

Have fun

This is the most important thing. Family, engagement and wedding photos can be stressful and exciting. Be sure to have a light snack before hand so you're not "hangry", and know that nothing is perfect. It's all about having fun and enjoying the adventure. In the end, you'll have awesome photos to cherish forever.

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